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As-salamu alaykum
(Peace be upon you)

We follow strict halal laws for meat procurement and processing. Our methods used to prepare our lawful halal products are accepted and permissible according to Islamic Law. Animals are blessed in the name of Allah SWT and are treated with respect and mercy. Please contact us for further information about our lawful halal products.



Our modern processing facilities are both innovative and ergonomically designed to provide the highest level of food safety and quality control. We are both USDA approved and inspected as well as HACCP certified. Over the years in the industry, we’ve meticulously thought over our methods and best practices so we can have the safest foods possible.

USDA Plant 
5881 N Winton Way Atwater 
CA 95301

Office Address
1506 Grimes Ave Modesto
CA 95358


Being able to simplify our process and produce a consistent product is what we’re all about. We monitor all aspects of production ranging from temperature to sanitation checkoffs on our SOP/SSOP program. We carefully control and monitor based on our food safety procedures and making sure we produce only safe and consistent quality products.

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