Farmers Fresh Direct



Our animals are treated with care and respect. We are dedicated to proper handling of all animals and to ensure that they are healthy and not stressed. Each and every animal is checked by a USDA inspector and/or veterinarian to be deemed healthy before they are further handled.


We have tremendous respect for the animals that provide us food and that which brings people together. Our programs and facilities are designed around treating our cattle and lambs with     respect and the utmost care.


Our innovative, multi-species USDA approved facility provides the highest level of food safety and quality control. An all stainless and semi-automated design give us the ability to have an extremely sanitary environment to create premium products.


Each carcass that passes through our facility has been carefully inspected and documented at every step of the production process.                                                                                          


Ability to label and track product back to animal origin and owner


Commercial cooler and freezer for high efficiency


Flexible custom cutting for different styles and cooking methods


Farmer Fresh Direct is focused on creating Premium Quality Products. Each step in our process is essential and contributes to our overall quality and the services we have to offer. We take foods safety, animal welfare, and sustainability seriously. With our dedicated people, nothing is overlooked and we are continuously discovering new ways to improve our processes. Everything counts at the end of the day.

Our new state-of-the-art-facility helps us meet the ever-changing industry standards and regulations. With strict food safety and animal welfare standards, our facilities and programs are of utmost importance. As the world becomes more complex, we try to simplify our processes and create the foods we want. We think locally produced foods is simpler and more sustainable. 

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